A packaging consortium consisting of 15 companies, the Tampa Bay Packaging Equipment Manufacturers open house gives you full access to the facilities and staff behind packaging automation.

The Open House originally began back in 2009. The original concept was to create a network on non-competing manufacturers here in Tampa Bay that would all open their respective doors to walk-ins. This is not a single location event; each company holds an Open House during this time at their respective locations. No registration is required. Visitors are free to visit as many or as few companies as they would like.

The main benefit to the Open House is the ability to freely visit with manufacturers of a broad range of packaging equipment. There are numerous packaging companies in Tampa Bay that address the needs of all levels of packaging, and most are located within a 30 minute drive of one another. This is a unique opportunity to tour the facilities, meet with staff, and discuss upcoming or potential products with the very same people who design and build the equipment. There are no registration requirements, and no appointments are necessary.

The Open House is held during the last week of February. During this time of year, the weather here in Tampa Bay is quite accommodating compared to that in most other states. During your downtime, you can enjoy World Class cuisine, award-winning beaches, nature trails, professional sports, zoos, aquariums and theme parks. 

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